About us written in a popular blog DIYdrones.com

About us written in a popular blog DIYdrones.com The largest amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) community. Quadcopters, robot planes and more! Full article.

Congratulate us! QuadCam.ch website launched their own videos Map (created by MoviesOnMap)


MoviesOnMap.com is very happy to announce the first “outdoor” implementation of the map from MoviesOnMap.com on the website of video’s owner. Map on the QuadCam.ch contains only videos of QuadCam.

You can see all the videos by QuadCam.ch here: http://www.quadcam.ch/video-map/

All uploaded by them videos will be available on web site QuadCam and on MoviesOnMap.com (that’s optional).

Anyone can create the map with their own videos / MoviesOnMap tool allows to do it’s easy and free.

Integration of the map takes a few minutes.

QuadCam added videos on MoviesOnMap.com and sent us an e-mail request. We formed a group video only by QuadCam and sent them one line of code to embed into their website’s in the right place.

Add your video-map on your website and facebook! Your friends and visitors will love it. They’ll be able to share the links to the specific video now!

If you have any questions, just write us in the comments.