Launch of new project

Friends, we are happy to announce our new project You will discover new and exciting places on the planet through the videos and short movies placed on map. Find some really interesting objects around you – the places you’ve never seen before!

Anyone can add the new video and point the place on the map, where it was taken. You can easily attach on map the videos from Youtube or Vimeo. New points on map will appear after moderation.

To add new place+video on map:

1. Click the button «Edit mode» in the bottom-right corner of the map

2. Log in using your social networks account (Facebook, google+ etc.) or register with your e-mail

3. Choose the right place on the map, right-click of the mouse and enter the video URL. You may also add the name and description to the added video.

Different users can upload  more than 1 video to the object. So you will see the place from different points of view.