Geo4Biz - a geo-service with a convenient and simple interface.

The ideal solution for commercial or personal use.
You shouldn't be a programmer to create a map, fill it with your data and launch a map - on your site or Facebook page. Service tested and used by thousands of users.

To create your map is easy

get access to the control panel

Geo4Biz consists of a map and a control panel


Map allows you to show an unlimited number of objects on the map. You can select the source and type of map.

A list of nearby objects, search by address and name objects, filter objects by category.

Users can actively participate - add new objects directly from the map, comment on them and rank them.

Launch map

Map easily imported into any resources:
- one line of code using "iframe"
- a few lines in a "div + css"

Map implementation to your social network pages is very easy.

Control panel

Control Panel allows you to easily manage map, objects on it and users rights.

Objects settingss and functions can be customized to meet your needs.


The settings allow you to choose the opening mode - fix the specific area of the map or focus on the user's location by IP.


In the form of a check-box, you can disable/enable the following services:
- allow users to add new objects to the map
- allow users to comment on objects and rate them.

You can also choose pre- or post-moderation mode.


You manage a list of categories on your map.


For each category, easy to load two icons - icon on the map and the icon for category filter.

Description of the objects

For each category, you can set your fields descriptions of objects, their order in object form and availability on the map. You can set some fields as obligatory.


You can customize the description of each object. You can assign the field of description - text, photos, selecting of one from the list, the selection of a few from the list, web urls, email, video, data, etc.


Enter the address, and then geocode - object's pin will appear on the map. Or simply click on the desired location of map. Icon on the map can be moved.

Import / Export

Objects can be downloaded from the list by simply copying or by bulk CSV file. Also you can configure automatic uploading to your information system.


You can add three levels of users - administrator, global moderator and moderator of a group of objects.


You can create a group of objects. Moderators of group will be able to see and manage only the objects of this group. On the map, you can display the objects from one particular group.

Geo analytics

Geo4Biz will be your indispensable assistant analysts. Analyze your business data, with reference to the location and display them on the map will allow to see the data in new way and discover more patterns and regularities.


We can supply your information with third-party data.


Create your map is easy

go to the control panel and start