Video on map from “moviesonmap” on your site, blog, facebook, etc.

Video allows you to see every corner of the planet with their own eyes. Where you’ve been or where you want to go.

MoviesOnMap allows you to see all the videos on the map. Now added a lot of video by drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). This allows you to see the world from a bird’s-eye view. Video categories “with hands”, “active sport” allow us to see different places and from different angles.

Add a link to the video on the card can any. You simply specify a link to a video from youtube or vimeo and place on the map. After approval by administrators video will appear on the map.

Video on map from “moviesonmap” you can easily place on your website, facebook, etc. Every day we add the card to 50 videos. They will all be available to your visitors. You get an interesting and constantly evolving tool without effort.

Now we added on map video filmed by drones. But we’ve started added an “overview video cities”, “active sport”, “diving”.

Example of inserting map as <iframe>

It is sufficient to specify a single line.

If you want to map immediately pointed to the right place, opened the card of the desired object, change the code

Example of inserting the map in Facebook

Need to change  “http” to “https”:

Example of inserting the map as <div>

This will allow you to customize the design of the map under their styles.